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Beverly Hills & Santa Barbara Eyelid Plastic Surgery | TabanMD

Welcome to the practice of Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD.

Dr. Mehryar Taban is a compassionate oculoplastic surgeon who provides his patients the best possible care. He is an eyelid, orbit and facial plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who practices in the greater Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara.

Dr. Taban is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA.

Cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid and facial surgery has become one of the most rapidly expanding subspecialties in surgery. In choosing a eyelid plastic surgeon, it is important that the surgeon you choose is a specialist in the area you wish to address and routinely performs the procedure(s) to meet your needs. Dr. Taban has had extensive training and is double board certified by the American Society of Oculofacial Plastic Surgery (ASOPRS), American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), and a diplomat of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS). He believes in natural looking results and uses minimal incision techniques for quicker recovery.

Oculoplastic Surgery Latest News

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery symposium

Dr. Taban presented at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery symposium on June 19th, on topic entitled "Lateral browlift using temporal (pretrichial) subcutaneous approach under local anesthesia". In short, this is a modified brow lift technique that is minimally invasive with quick recovery and can be performed under local anesthesia in the office!

realself 100

Dr. Taban was recently added to the RealSelf 100 list. This list recognizes 100 doctors who take their time to answer patient questions on RealSelf.com.

Dr. Taban is an assistant clinical professor of OculoPlastic Surgery at UCLA. He recently lectured on "Eyelid Aging," discussing the various eyelid problems related to aging and their management. 

Dr. Taban was a laboratory course director at UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute Orbit Master Symposium.  40 surgeons from around the world attended the course to learn more about new techniques in orbital surgery and orbital treatments.


Dr. Taban was an invited speaker at the annual Cedars Sinai Plastics Symposium 2013. The audience was plastic surgeons, dermatologists, oculoplastic surgeons, and other surgeons, from across the nation and locally.

Board Certified Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Taban attended the World Ophthalmology Congress. He presented a lecture on: “Minimally invasive posterior approach ptosis surgery”. Dr. Taban provides the best care with minimally invasive techniques.

Blepharoplasty and Periorbital Rejuvenation

Dr Mehryar (Ray) Taban just published the first ever textbook chapter in using 5-FU (5-Florouracil) for wound modulation in aesthetic eyelid and periorbital surgery. 5-FU is a versatile anti-metabolite that can be for scar therapy, eyelid retraction, and encapsulated injected autologous fat. It can also be used to treat chalazions. Please see the link to the textbook here:

Master Techniques in Blepharoplasty and Periorbital Rejuvenation

Dr. Taban recently spoke at Beverly Hills High School Career Day on Ophthalmology and Oculoplastic Surgery! If you would like Dr. Taban to speak at your event, please contact office@TabanMD.com.

Meet Dr. Taban

OculoFacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara
OculoFacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara