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Eyelid Retraction

Normal upper eyelid rests just below the upper border of the cornea/iris, while normal lower eyelid rests at the lower border of the cornea/iris. Eyelid retraction is abnormal elevation of the upper eyelids and abnormal lowering of the lower eyelids.

What cause Eyelid Retraction?

There are various causes of eyelid retraction, including congenital, thyroid eye disease (Graves’ disease), trauma, and prior surgery. The most common cause of lower eyelid retraction is from complications from prior lower blepharoplasty, where either scar tissue developed and/or if too much skin was excised from the lower eyelid. Lower eyelid retraction can appear as rounding of the eyes. It can lead to chronic eye conditions including dry eyes, excessive tearing, redness, burning and blurred vision.


The first line of therapy is ocular protection using frequent ocular lubrication (drops and ointment), bandage contact lens, etc. Surgery is inevitably needed since the eyes will get more dry as time progresses. There are various surgical techniques, usually performed via a posterior (hidden) eyelid approach. At times, grafts and/or midface (cheek) lift may be needed. Tightening of the lower eyelid is usually concurrently performed.

Dr Taban has written several articles on eyelid retraction surgery, including:

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eyelid retraction TabanMD

Above, a patient before and after eyelid retraction surgery.

Who Should Perform The Surgery?

When choosing a surgeon to perform eyelid retraction surgery, look for a cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgeon who specializes in the eyelids, orbit, and tear drain system. Your surgeon’s membership in the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) indicates he or she is not only a board certified ophthalmologist who knows the anatomy and structure of the eyelids and orbit, but also has had extensive training in ophthalmic plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Taban is an oculoplastic surgeon, with offices in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, specializing in eyelid retraction surgery.

Before and After Eyelid Retraction Surgery 

Before Eyelid Retraction SurgeryAfter eyelid retraction surgery


To see more before and after eyelid retraction surgery pictures, visit our Photo Gallery.

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