Angeles National Forest

Have you been to the San Gabriel Mountains? What about the Sierra Pelona Mountains? Both of these mountain ranges is where the Angeles National Forest is located. It’s a different side of Los Angeles County for sure, including Islip Saddle, Bear Creek, and Twin Peaks. The year was 1908 when the forest was founded, and the headquarters for the forest is in Arcadia.

What to See

The forest is comprised of a total of 700k+ acres. If you make your way from the city of Los Angeles, you’re going to be heading north to get to this forest and the surrounding area. It was mentioned that the national forest is in Los Angeles County. Yet it is also part of two other counties as well, Ventura County and San Bernadino County.

If you pay a visit to this forest, it helps to know more about it of course. For example, there are five wilderness areas there. With over 700k acres to explore, you’re not going to be able to see it all. Which areas do you want to visit? There is the Magic Mountain Wilderness, Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness and San Gabriel Wilderness for starters. The two other wilderness areas are Cucamonga Wilderness and Sheep Mountain Wilderness.

Mount Wilson Observatory

You can begin your adventure at 701 North Santa Anita Avenue. You might be thinking that this is going to be a desert mountain experience, but people say that this area is surprisingly lush. One place you might want to check out is the Mount Wilson Observatory. There are also plenty of places in the forest to take a scenic drive, and you can, of course, pick a good spot to go hiking, too.

You know you’re going to find some great picture taking opportunities. Travel Antelope Valley, hit up the LA foothills and more. The closer you get to Los Angeles, the more people you are going to see. Unfortunately, that also means you’re going to find that people leave too much trash in some areas of this forest, according to reviews. You might want to get a little further away from LA before you start traveling through the national forest.

Driving Through the Forest

Can you imagine driving through the forest with the top down taking in the entire scene? It would be fun. Maybe you don’t have a convertible, but you can certainly enjoy Angeles National Forest in style. Notice how it is just ‘Angeles’ and not ‘Los Angeles.’ I thought that was a little strange, but it’s really neat, too. I guess they wanted the association to be with the city and county but not entirely.

Remember the Mount Wilson Observatory as mentioned. It’s a place you might not want to miss there. You can pick your spots, but now you know a little more about this national forest. Switzer Falls is another area there known for its natural beauty. It would be nice to see a waterfall in the middle of the forest, right? Who knows what all you will see and do when you get there.

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