Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban is a volunteer member of the CRISP Foundation Surgical Team. The team travels to Central America biannually to surgically repair facial deformities in children.

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Annually, Dr. Taban travels to Guatemala to work on the CRISP Foundation surgical team. Specializing in reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Taban’s skills are a valuable asset to the children of Guatemala. Dr. Taban and the other members of the CRISP Surgical Team are responsible for their own travel expenses and volunteer 100% of their time.

In addition to working with CRISP, Dr. Taban also performs reconstructive oculoplastic procedures for problems and deformities of the eye, obit (eye socket) and facial area for The Global Smile Foundation. The GSF helps children and families in Ecuador and around the world that suffer from facial deformities.

If you would like to learn more about how to help the CRISP Foundation or the Global Smile Foundation, please visit their website.

The CRISP Foundation

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The Crisp Foundation, also known as CRISP, exists to help children with birth deformities be able to get the surgeries and medical attention they need. Many of these children who suffer from cleft palates also have to undergo dental reconstruction, hearing and speech therapy, as well as facial plastic surgery.

CRISP’s patients are not only medically challenged, but also have disfigured faces and bodies. Many times, their condition makes it hard for them to live a normal life and be a part of society. Many of these children will live their lives without a job or education unless they undergo surgery.

These children require medical and surgical treatment for one or more of the following associated problems:

  • Feeding: Nutrition may be inadequate because of problems with sucking and regurgitation of liquids.
  • Speech Development: Articulation and audibility are impaired because of lack of closure of either the lips or palate.
  • Hearing: Most of these kids have chronic ear infections which cause hearing loss and, thus, educational problems.
  • Dental Problems: Children with clefts palates have missing, extra, malformed, or displaced teeth requiring dental, orthodontic or maxillofacial treatment/surgery.
  • Breathing: Difficulty breathing through the nose.

The Global Smile Foundation

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The goal of the Global Smile Foundation is to alleviate the suffering of underserved patients born with facial congenital deformities with special emphasis on cleft lips and palates. Many children every day are born with facial deformities such as a cleft palate. At GSF, they believe that all communities deserve the right to receive first-rate care by highly qualified healthcare professionals regardless of socioeconomic, racial, or religious backgrounds.

GSF surgeons and volunteers have recognized the need for not just offering fragmented corrective surgical and dental procedures to patients born with cleft lip and palate deformities, but also the urgent need for implementing comprehensive care coupled with educational and preventive programs. Dr. Taban volunteers his time annually by performing reconstructive oculoplastic procedures for problems and deformities of the eye, obit (eye socket) and facial area.

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Dr. Taban was recipient of FaceForward Charity Recognition Award for his contribution to this organization who helps patients of domestic abuse and acts of cruelty, with pro bono eyelid and facial reconstructive surgery.

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