Ptosis Treatment

Do your eyes make you look tired or older than you really are? Do you notice that your droopy eyelids are even interfering with your field of vision? You may have a condition known as eyelid ptosis, which means drooping of the upper eyelids. Whether you were born with this condition or notice that it has gradually occurred due to age, illness, or injury, there is a safe treatment option available called eyelid ptosis surgery

At Taban MD in Los Angeles, Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban and his expert staff regularly perform ptosis treatments to provide patients with the natural, rejuvenated appearance they are looking for.

What is Ptosis Treatment?

Eyelid ptosis treatment is a simple surgical procedure that can be performed under local anesthetic. The patient can safely and painlessly open and close his or her eyes during the procedure to help the surgeon achieve the best symmetry and lift.

Depending on the cause of the droopy eyelids, there are different techniques that may be used, but essentially, ptosis surgery involves tightening the levator muscles around the eye which are used to lift and close the eyelids. By tightening this muscle, it is easier for the eye to rest at a higher, more natural-looking position on the eyes. In some cases, the levator muscle will be linked to a forehead muscle called the frontalis muscle, which helps lift the drooping eyelid as well. This technique is the frontalis sling.

Schedule a Ptosis Treatment in Los Angeles

If you or someone you love is considering eyelid ptosis surgery, do not wait to get in touch with Dr. Taban. Taban MD has locations in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. So, don’t wait! Schedule a ptosis consultation today!

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